The Simple and Sassy Workbook

Attention Women

Are you aware that your financial health ranks up there in importance with good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, exercise and regular medical check-ups?



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You should strive to be healthy in all areas of your life.

I encourage you to include getting Financially Healthy and Fit as one of your top Goals this year. Not having a handle on your finances can be extremely stressful, and the stress can lead to many health problems and accelerated aging.

Financially fit people are healthier, live longer and are less likely to be depressed.

When it comes to finances and learning, a lot of women feel overwhelmed; they say that their eyes glaze over when they hear financial terminology.

We all just need to gain more self confidence in the financial arena so we can eliminate these feelings. This can be accomplished by going step by step: think about this as if you were preparing a recipe and adding one ingredient at a time.

The Simple and Sassy Workbook has step by step directions and checklists for women, and some smart men, to follow and use as a guide for all the important things they need to do to become financially savvy, prepared and in the know.


The “IT” book for women.

In fact, besides just being a book to guide women to financial freedom , it’s helping spark a new movement of empowered women who grab on to their brass ring and live life on their terms.

Here is what people are saying about the book:

“Holli Rovenger’s Financial Survival Kit is a workbook that every woman needs to read and work through.

As Holli described her life experiences, her divorce, and her initial knowledge of finances, I thought I was reading about myself! My guess is that there is a world of women like us, smart, educated, nurturing, with lots of initiative, who turned a blind eye to our financial health, assuming that all would be taken care of, and then finding ourselves shocked about our personal situations and lack of knowledge

Holli helps women think about ‘everything’… all aspects of our financial health, our family, our legacy, and gently helps us work through the process of first accepting ourselves for what we have allowed to happen, helping us forgive ourselves, and then getting us to face our fears and take back our lives. I know my acquiring financial stability will be a work in progress, but Holli has made an impact on helping me open my eyes to my own ignorance, and guiding me, one step at a time, up the financial mountain. I know when I get to the peak, I will have a very clear view. Thanks, Holli, for bringing this workbook to all women who want and need to become self-reliant.”
~ Brenda Weiss, Interior Designer

“The Simple and Sassy Workbook for Women is amazing. It is a truly usable and thorough workbook that will help many women on their financial journey, whatever that journey is for them. The book is fun, easy to read and easy to implement. I am a financial beginner and I never felt lost or overwhelmed. This ‘Kit’ laid out the exact steps I need to take, how to take them and who to talk to.

It really made me think, ‘I can do this.’ It is a powerful resource I will use for years to come as I increase my financial education and build my wealth. Thank you so much for writing this and helping women change their financial future!”
~ Kari Baxter

“The way the information is presented is easy to understand and now I’m actually enjoying learning about finances. It isn’t over my head like most financial information is. The more I get into this, the more I am loving it.”
~ Beth Honeyman, Special Education Teacher

“The Simple and Sassy Workbook: 7 Critical Steps for Women to Become Financially Savvy and prepared is a must for all women regardless of their financial situation or marital status. Knowledge is power, and this book leads its readers down the path to achieving knowledge and therefore power.”
~ L. Soff

“First I want to say that I LIKE the book. I think it will bring Knowledge, Organization and Security to women who do not enjoy the FREEDOM that all these concepts bring. It is written in a way to get women to think for themselves yet have a guideline as to what they should be thinking about. I think there are women out there who will relate to your story and why it brought you to this point in your life, but will also appeal to women with different stories but have the same need. The workbook is complete and easy to understand. Everything is spelled out clearly, simply and thoroughly. A great guide for women to become Empowered and control their Financial World. A must read for women regardless of age.”
~ Jetta Hampson

“Years ago I had friend who put all her trust in her husband and when he failed her and their family, by gambling away their life savings and their future, she became very ill. Today women are becoming homeless when their husbands let them down. This book The Simple and Sassy Workbook for Women on finances will open women’s eyes and be a step by step guide to hold their hands along the way. This book is not only for women who have put their trust in their husbands, this is for women who put their trust in the economy and were let down. In other words, this book is for ALL WOMEN no matter what their age, economic status or marital status.”
~ Denise Winters, Photographer New York City

“This is a must read for any woman who wants to take charge of her financial life and future. There are so many women that leave the finances to someone else and live to regret this. So many things can happen in life and you need to know about your finances. I am married to a Financial Planner and was mostly prepared in this area of my life but when my husband had emergency open heart surgery it made me think again. This book helped me see how far I have come in understanding and having a part in my own financial life. I also was able to identify areas I could do better in and learn more about.

This is really a very in depth workbook helping each of us take stock, learn and take control of our financial lives. This in turn gives you more control over your time and how you choose to live your life. I hope every woman who glances by this book will buy it. You will be so happy you did and you will feel more in charge of your life.

Holli writes in an easy to understand way and gives many real life examples. She really takes the intimidation factor out of finances. I wish I had read this in my 20’s before I was part of a ponzi scheme by my then financial advisor.”

~ Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD., Author of Meditation Now: Your Guide to Building A Simple Practice


Here are even more glowing reviews:

“Every woman needs and will be empowered by Holli Rovenger’s Workbook. It’s a comprehensive, easy to read and understand, well organized “Financial Survival Kit” that makes it fun to learn about finances.

Holli’s life pretty much mirrors mine. Like many women I know, I put my trust in my husband and financial advisors and the economy. I ended up more than once, because of my lack of knowledge, financially devastated and stunned when my personal circumstances changed due to divorce and job loss.

Holli helps women put all aspects of our financial health in order. Because of Holli I’m back on my feet financially and her workbook is teaching me about managing it and leaving a legacy. This guide has information and resources about budgeting, saving, earning, investing, organizing and more. Knowledge truly is power.

This workbook will guide all women, one step at a time, no matter what their age, economic status or marital status, to financial self-reliance and empowerment.”

~ Alison Potter

“Every woman would benefit from reading Holli’s book. As a woman who went through difficult personal and financial times, a book like this not only would have been incredibly beneficial in helping me sort out my goals and expectations, it would have brought me comfort. Now that life is back on track, it is still a wonderful asset! It is important to understand the in’s and outs of the financial world so that I can feel more empowered in the family’s financial future. I highly recommend this book.”

~ Kathleen

“This book points out why women young and old alike need to review and be aware of the finances in all aspects of life. But “The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment” takes it a step further and walks women step by step through the entire process. This is not a book to just read but a book “To Do” and take action. An Excellent read and exercises. Enjoy and empower yourself too!”

~ Samantha G

“The structure of this book makes tackling your finances a breeze. I read it in one sitting and am in the process of going back and completing the workbook. Already, I feel empowered. A must read for not only women, but anyone looking to enhance their wealth building IQ.”

~ Flo Bradley

“Holli Rovenger’s book The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment: 7 Critical Steps for Women to Learn How to Become Financially Savvy and Prepared, gives you the tools you need to take control of your financial life once and for all. In this book, she provides simple quizzes, worksheets, resources, journals and checklists in every major area of your financial life that will empower you to get your financial act together. All of this will only work if you put these tools into action, of course, but now that you have this book at your disposal, you don’t have the excuse any more of “I just don’t understand this money stuff!”

~ Jordan E. Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, author of 13 books on personal finance

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