Examples of Possible Topics that can be incorporated into any of the Corporate Services and presentations (reference :


Don’t Worry – Be Happy –  Dealing with Stress

Mindfulness – BE LEAN in all areas of your life

A Blueprint for Restaurant Dining

Hints for Eating Healthy on the Run

Stopping The Yo-Yo: The Mind/Body Connection – Weight Control from the Inside Out

To Carb or not to Carb?  That is the Question.  Analyzing Popular Fad Diets  – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure –How to Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and other Diseases

Eating for a Healthy Heart

Overcoming Portion Distortion and Mindless Eating

Sweets for the Sweet: Sugar – Are All Calories Created Equal?

Know Your Numbers

Become Supermarket Savvy

Cooking Healthier

Small Tweaks to Your Food and Exercise Habits can lead to BIG Lifestyle Results

Hormones and Inflammatory Foods – are they wreaking havoc inside your body?

Mind, Mood and Memory  – Eating Healthy to Improve the Function of Your Brain

Increasing Productivity and Time Management  -It’s a Matter of Time – Everyone gets the same 1440 minutes each day. Spend it wisely.

Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance



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