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Holli has been an expert in the field of overall wellness for over twenty years.

She began her career as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist, but soon realized that her passion lay in helping people take a more proactive, preventative approach to health, wealth, happiness, and success.

A  dietitian, speaker, author, consultant, and entrepreneur

Holli has a passion for enriching the lives of men and women by assisting in improving their health. Her innovative and straightforward approach combines sensible health care strategies with critical shifts in behavior and mindset. This focus on the “whole person” is what sets Holli’s program apart from others.

She is a powerful and motivating presenter who is just as effective with a group of 500 as she is with an individual. Whether it is weight loss, improved blood work results, enhancing overall fitness, or improved lifestyle, Holli has a program that will engage your imagination, empower your spirit, and elevate your well-being.



 Holli Rovenger attended Syracuse University where she received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Nutrition and Dietetics; and Florida International University where she obtained her Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.).  She has been called  the master of reinvention and  is a sought after “Health and Wellthness” Empowerment, and Promotions Expert, International Speaker, Consultant and Coach; founder of Empowering Women (and Smart Men) Monthly; creator of Enthroned Empress, Inc.; and co-creator and founder of PublishPromoteProfit.com and 90 Day Bookcamp™, a program that empowers business professionals and entrepreneurial experts to be found and heard in an extremely noisy marketplace.

Most recently, she has created the Simple and Sassy Workbook Series , including  the number 1 Best Selling The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment: 7 Critical Steps for Women to Learn How to Become Financially Savvy and Prepared  in which she shares her personal story of overcoming obstacles and survives as the inspiring woman “you wish to become.”

You can also meet her at http://www.Empoweringwomenmonthly.com/blog  and www.Publishpromoteprofit.com

Personal Information:

Her early years were spent in Wayne, New Jersey (a half hour outside of “The City).” Even though she moved to sunny South Florida after college with her family, she is still, and always will be, a Jersey Girl.

Holli is trained as a dietitian and an entrepreneur. She is friendly, outgoing, optimistic, authentic, and extremely honest and trustworthy. Her passion is to help people, especially women, shift from Dependence to independence by educating them in health, savvy finances, and achieving their best life through being beautiful on the inside and out.

Because of “reinventing” herself many times, she has a multitude of business as well as personal life experience to share.

CEO, Mentor, Author, Speaker and Educator at Empowering Women Monthly.
President, Owner of Enthroned Empress, Inc.
Co-founder and educator at PublishPromoteProfit.com
Both EWM and EE, Inc.  are dedicated to the memory of her mother Elaine Stein and grandmother Dorothy Stern.
She also recently started a new charity in memory of her Mother called The Elaine Stein Lymphoma Support Program for Women – be sure to check it out on her Jewelry Site – EnthronedEmpress.com.

She has two beautiful, fabulous, and self-reliant children who are the light of her life.

As for hobbies, she is always up to trying something new and loves to be outside with nature. She loves to dance, read, cook, hike, play tennis, ski- downhill, cross-country, and snowshoe, travel, go to the movies, attend Broadway shows, opera, dance and music events.

 From Holli:

MY Business Mission

Mission:  to  Engage, Educate, Empower and  Elevate savvy women (and smart men)  to step into their full potential and passion for health,wealth and happiness.

My Vision (How I Will Achieve That Mission)

Vision: I am a dietitian by trade but an entrepreneur in my heart, as well as a best-selling author, speaker and educator who values authenticity, honesty and ethics while  taking my message to the world and helping others shift from dependence to independence in all areas of their lives.   I see my connections and relationships with others as a way to encourage, energize, and empower them to live up to their full potential.

I work with integrity to make sure that those who connect with me will have their lives enriched and become the best they can possibly be.   As an educator, I look for ways to help others work through obstacles and challenges so they can take action and become healthier and  live life according to their passions . I encourage them to be true to themselves and not worry about what others  think.   My clients are attracted to me because I listen, respond and communicate with honesty and heart.   I seek to engage, educate, empower and  elevate  my clients both personally and professionally.

I introduce strategies to improve an individual’s health, “wellth” and beauty using a variety of platforms, including digital training using documents, worksheets, templates, audio and video to increase their understanding, self-esteem, focus, retention and productivity. My services include virtual and live coaching to help an individual gain clarity and confidence so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.  In addition I host seminars, workshops, retreats and signature events to educate, encourage and energize my clients.  I am committed to offering products and services of the highest quality, and using the most cutting edge techniques.

My clients are inspired to feel beautiful on the inside and outside resulting in an  increase in self-esteem  so that they  are truly in a position to create whatever type of life they want, build a safe and secure income and live a rich life with purpose and meaning. They are empowered and elevated to stretch their comfort zones so they can grow both internally and externally, and truly capable of living life on their own terms. I encourage and promote personal and business mastery believing that how we manage life has a powerful influence on our reaching our full potential. My clients are focused not on just making money, but in making a positive difference in the world.

They emerge Empowered but still retaining their feminity!


My Promise

I promise to be honest and transparent in all of my business dealings. I promise to provide the highest levels of value at the most affordable prices possible. I promise to offer products and services that will genuinely help you achieve your goals.

My Unique Selling Proposition

“Always have a positive mindset, so you can live healthier and wealthier and happier with passion!”

I focus on you as a “whole person”  and my innovative and straightforward approach combines sensible health care strategies with critical shifts in behavior and mindset.

 My passion is to help women shift from Dependence to independence by educating them in savvy finances, health and achieving their best life through being beautiful on the inside and out.  Because of my story (see below) I would like to speak around the country and educate as many as possible so they can avoid the disaster and heartache that I went through.


I feel very strongly about getting my message out to the world because of my personal story which can best be explained by this excerpt from my book:


I had lived the life of an Empress for many years.  I had beautiful homes, traveled, ate delicious gourmet dinners, and wore the finest jewelry…  I enjoyed the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

After I discovered the depth of my financial vulnerability, my friend and I wrote a poem to express the changes in my life.  This poem has become my vision for all women.

My desire is to make the Dethroned Empress into an Empowered Empress.


The Enthroned Empress


Photo logo transparent

Dethroned – off guard – not ready… not rare
Leaving our finances to ‘him’ as though I wasn’t there
Too trusting, thus allowing my financial life
To plunge me into a whirlpool of strife

Something drastic has to change
To help all women rearrange
A new Enterprise will teach us how
To empower women and the time is NOW

Key information will make sure that we learn
How to manage our lives and the money we earn.

Knowledge has the power to open doors wide
Insuring that women are filled with pride!

Become a part of
Enthroned Empress
Success from the heart!


A truly Enthroned Empress is a well-rounded, self-confident, empowered woman. She invests time and energy to learn how to have a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy soul.  An Enthroned Empress makes time to do something nice for herself each day, not only to take care of herself, but also to feel good and increase her self-esteem.  She educates herself to become involved and informed about her financial status. She knows what’s going on in the world and is able to converse intelligently.  She makes it her business to be an informed individual.



I guarantee that if you study and take action and  implement the lessons and strategies that I teach you, during the period of time that you’ve committed to my programs, you will enrich your life both, both personally and professionally. If you feel you have not learned one strategy that could move  the needle for your personal life, financial life or your business, I will issue you a refund.