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Meta description: New program offers the true secrets to getting the weight off and keeping it off. Modules work through personal issues to give people the knowledge, tools and skills they need so that they can train their brain to have their subconscious and conscious minds in agreement – only then can they change their relationship with food.




( (NY, NY, 06/25/13) – Best Selling author, dietitian and empowerment expert Holli  Rovenger is on a mission: she has developed a program to help people finally stop the weight loss roller coaster.  “I am so sad for so many that keep going on one diet after another only to be right back where they were and in many cases in a worse off situation.”

Stopping the Yo Yo is based on the reality that diets DO work, but the diet mentality doesn’t. It’s exhausting for people to be going on and then going off diet plans over and over again.  In reality, when you break down the majority of fad diets they really are all quite similar. What’s the answer? The true answer is to change one’s relationship with food.  It takes desire, time and small little changes on a consistent and persistent basis to achieve and maintain permanent weight loss.

Rovenger says “Since You are the expert about YOU –why are you following someone else’s diet, the same diet that has been given out to countless numbers of other people?  Let’s change it up and make it similar to a game. Once you start studying YOU, and learn new strategies, techniques and skills, YOU can develop a liveable eating plan made just for you.”

Rovenger’s program helps people discover their true desire and motivates them to put in the time and mindset change necessary to finally get this area of their life under control. The program includes four critical features:  awareness, lifestyle change, support and accountability through weekly lessons, worksheets and interaction.

Stopping the Yo Yo guides individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to success  in a step by step process to study their OWN desires, lifestyle, habits, etc.  so that they can then  “train their brain” to have their subconscious and conscious minds in agreement, and change their relationship with food.

This program is for the person who has had enough and is ready to take control of their weight and their life once and for all.  “You can do this – I believe in you, now YOU need to believe in YOU!”  This is YOUR time.

Rovenger is the CEO of two companies dedicated to helping women, and smart men, and is a best selling Amazon author of The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment.

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For more information or to schedule an interview with Ms. Rovenger, please contact:

Stu Zakim

Bridge Strategic Communications            732-754-9051






November 2, 2012 – Get Corporate Clients Now Event features Holli Rovenger and Leta Russell from the Publish Promote Profit team, with Holli as a guest speaker.

Have you written a book…. or perhaps want to one day?

Well the time is NOW. Whether you’d like to finally share your idea and message with the world, start profiting from what you know, or use your book as a platform to position yourself as an expert in your field.

There is a major shift happening in the book publishing industry with a shift away from traditional publishers and brick and mortar book stores to dealing directly with the public, interacting with their readers in a way that hasn’t happened before and more importantly, increasing their profits.  Even best selling authors like Deepok Chopra and Ken Blanchard have found that self- publishing is the way of the future.

For this event where attendees are trying to attract corporate clients, one of the best ways to be seen as the expert and “author”ity is to write and publish a book.

At GCCN, Holli’s talk focuses on:

  • Why people want to write a book
  • Benefits of writing and publishing your book
  • Steps to writing
  • The challenges to writing your book and how to break through limiting author beliefs and give yourself permission to write it
  • Common and costly mistakes most authors make
  • Stages of book promotion and when to begin
  • Linking your book to your business for maximum profit


The Publish Promote Profit team, women who are successful self-publishers and motivational speakers and educators, are offering a 90 Day Bookcamp to help aspiring authors launch their book in 90 Days.  Led by Holli Rovenger, Mary Lou Kayser and Leta Russell.

2 Day Event Get Corporate Clients Now  is happening in Pentagon City, Virginia November 2 and  November 3rd.

Interested Authors can register at to receive more information.

Publish, Promote, Profit is a team of 3 Amazing Women who are inspiring people to take their message, put it into a book, share it with the world and profit from it.

Holli at




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(NY, NY, 02/08/12) – Best Selling author, empowerment and lifestyle coach Holli  Rovenger is on a mission: based on her own personal experience and extensive research, she has written a book designed  to help educate women  on how to become  financially savvy and prepared.


“The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment,” embraces two undeniable realities -an increase in the divorce rate tied to the economy, and women “statistically” outliving their husbands, makes it essential that women become more involved with their financial lives.


Rovenger’s book will help women face the many challenges when presented with divorce or death of a spouse, not the least of which are preconceived notions about money and their role in society as a single woman. “The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment” utilizes Rovenger’s experience to provide information as well as actual educational exercises in areas including:


Money Mindset
Inventorying their Financials
Creating a Personal Spending Plan
Evaluating their Financial Knowledge
Steps to begin their Financial “Self” Education
Building their Wealth
Protecting their Wealth and Creating a Legacy


Nationally known expert Jordan E. Goodman says “The knowledge you will gain from this workbook will not only give you the technical tools to deal with every area of your personal finances, but it will also give you the confidence to put your new found knowledge into action. “

While there are many financial books on the market, Rovenger’s book  takes away the “fear” factor by making it an easy “recipe” to follow.


Rovenger is the CEO of two websites dedicated to helping women, (; and is a best selling Amazon author.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Ms. Rovenger, please contact:

Stu Zakim

Bridge Strategic Communications            732-754-9051


‘THE SIMPLE AND SASSY GUIDE TO FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT  is available for  $24.97 at  AMAZON.COM  and other online booksellers.

Kindle version also available.