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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #12 with Gary Spirer

Meet Gary Spirer


Gary Spirer leveraged his MBA in finance from Columbia University to become an investment banker, investor, and entrepreneur who has transacted over half a billion dollars of real estate development and syndication. Spirer has also raised over $60 million of equity—$125 million in today’s dollars—from accredited investors and small funds for emerging growth companies. Spirer is the founder of the interactive video hosting, marketing, engagement and analytics platform Questionmine, which measures viewers’ opinions, insights, and answers to surveys, polls, quizzes, and segments and responds to them in real time. He is also an author and a public speaker.

Connect with Gary

Title:  Managing Partner/Owner

Business/Company:  Questionmine LLC

Contact number(s):  512-551-3552

Skype handle: (Gary Spirer)

Mailing Address: 43 Rainey Street, PH 3201, Austin, TX 78701



Facebook Personal Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:



NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:

Crowd funding ~ The next big thing


Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionally:

Times are changing very rapidly. We are now in a “Performance Economy” where life and business have merged. Whether you decide to get involved in crowd funding or not, it’s important to be aware of trends.

How to accomplish the above:

Gary’s book goes into detail on everything that needs to be looked at, evaluated, done, etc.


Favorite Quote:

“To Be or Not To Be”


Golden Nuggets:

  • Those who have Excess to Capital are the ones with higher incomes
  • Start to build assets first, then income
  • Most of what you do, which is common to all “raising money,” happens before you go “live.”  You need to have a following – build awareness, build loyalty – which creates the momentum you will need.
  • Crowd funding is marketing ~ performing like you are on American Idol and building an audience so you can become an “evangelist”
  • There are different types of crowdfunding – they each have their own rules and regulations but different ways to access money:
  1. Kickstarter style – where you donate money
  2. Crowd funding Equity propose
  3. Crowd funding lending
  4. Crowd funding – private placement
  5. Crowd funding – product launches
  • To Be ~ Action Takers that work smart and not necessarily hard. Live a Full Life.
  • Not To Be ~ Quit on life and surrender – “I could have been a contender.” Excuse makers that live a life of regrets.
  • “We are all actors on a stage.” Shakespeare.  We find our meaning in trying to be the best “actors” we can be.
  • Admit to where we are and constantly step back and look at the forest through the trees; don’t get lost in the details.  Ask yourself – what are you contributing to where you are at and what can you do to move yourself forward and be your own best friend?

Listen for more golden nuggets …

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