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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #16 with Debbie Delgado

Meet Debbie Delgado

Debbie Delgado, the Entrepreneur Launcher, helps frustrated Corporate employees take the plunge into business ownership, and entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their business results dramatically increase their impact and income.  Known for her gift of no-nonsense truth telling, Debbie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their business results through her coaching programs, VIP Days, workshops, and “Your Business Matters!” e-zine.

Debbie left her position as a leadership coach at a Fortune 50 company in 2006 to start her own business helping women create lives they love.  As she grew and prospered in her own business, she noticed others falling victim to the recession, and realized people needed help creating financial abundance in their lives and businesses – regardless of what’s going on in the economy!  Since then, Debbie has helped hundreds of women step into control of their own lives and business so they never have to be at the mercy of what’s going on in the outside world again.

Connect with Debbie:

Title:  The Entrepreneur Launcher


Contact number(s):  309-277-8614

Mailing Address: 

Temporary (Month of March):  PO Box 314, Minier, IL 61759

Permanent (moving early April):  43 Yukon Cir, Bloomington, IL 61705



Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter: debbie_delgado



NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:

“The rules that made you successful in the employee world will kill you in the entrepreneur world!”


Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionally:

It is critical to learn the new rules because: “Too many people who decide to leave jobs and start their own business with the assumption that the very behaviors that made them successful as employees will also create success in their own business.  And they have no idea why they’re not successful as entrepreneurs.  Their life and finances become one big struggle after another and in many cases, they resort to going back to being an employee, which feels like death to their dreams.”

How to accomplish the above:

“Take responsibility for every result in your life and business.  And start being the cause of the results you want.  Understand cause and effect and understand the true purpose of a business.”


Favorite Quote:

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer (1902-1983)


What do you do to stay motivated or the secret for your motivation:

“I constantly learn from those who are “ahead of me” in what I want to achieve.  I am always learning – to me, learning and growth are what we are here for.  I invest in myself and my growth in a huge way – with my time, energy, and money.  I walk my talk when it comes to valuing growth and learning.

I have daily practices that set me up for who I want to be and what I want to achieve.”


Golden Nuggets:

Rules that you follow as an employee – when you transition to the entrepreneurial world will hurt you. You need to reprogram the old internal rules that you have.

  •  Rule to change:  Conform to rules, roles, responsibilities, behaviors to receive kudos, money, etc.   

Entrepreneur world – if you conform, it’s deadly to your business. You will get lost in the crowd.  We are programmed to Conform – so we need to work on changing.

The very thing that gets you promoted in the Corporate World will get you “demoted” in the Entrepreneurial World.

  •  Rule to change: Play nice and get everyone to like you.  If everyone likes you, your message isn’t big enough.  You can’t use your business as a way to get “affirmed.”
  •  Rule to change: To get paid, you have to just show up and be busy – “Butt in seats mentality.”  Now it’s critical to learn what “revenue generating activities” are and focus on them.
  •  Rule to change: Don’t risk making any mistakes.      When you are afraid to make mistakes, you don’t take any risks at all.

When you become an entrepreneur and start your own business, along with every decision you make, it will involve risk.  We need to get over our fear of making mistakes: most successful business owners have “Failed their way to the top.”    You will hear the word NO a lot – it’s important to accept this. It’s not personal.   The more No’s you hear, the closer you are to getting a YES.

  •  Rule to change: Someone else will tell you what to do and how much money to make.  YOU have to show up each and every day and focus on the right activities.  A lot of internal discipline is required.  It is critical to have a positive self-esteem and self- confidence to accomplish what you need to.

There are so many people falling victim to the economy …  Become an entrepreneur and never have to be at the mercy of the outside world again!

Action Steps:

Hop on over to Debbie’s site and listen to her recording.

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