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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #31 with David Rheins

Meet David Rheins


David Rheins is founder of the Marijuana Business Association. The MJBA a.k.a. “Chamber of Commerce of Cannabis”­ provides intelligence, ethical business practices and networking for participants in the legal marijuana, mmj and hemp industries.

MJBA hosts many cannabis industry trade events, seminars and workshops, and publishes the popular MJHeadline News on Facebook,,, and Marijuana Channel One on YouTube.

A proven business leader with 25+ years experience building and operating best-of-breed media and marketing organizations, Rheins has an impressive track record in growing new business and revenues for Internet, media, and advertising sales organizations including Rolling Stone, SPIN, iVillage, Corbis, Time Warner and America Online.

MJBA will be kicking off Washington’s legal recreational market on June 28 and 29th with our Vendor Fair Summer in Seattle.  Washington’s leading cannabis I-502 companies, service providers and investors will get together to showcase wares, do product demonstrations, networking and education.
Connect with David:

Title:  CEO

Business/Company:  Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)

Contact number(s):  425.892.9221 office; 425.877-3317 mobile

Skype handle:  david.rheins



Facebook Personal Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:



NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:

“The new rule is inclusiveness, not exclusiveness in building a new industry.”

Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionally:

“While all of us are schooled in building our individual brands and differentiating ourselves from the competition; in establishing a new industry it is important to stand together as a community to help define the best practices, standards and principles. Self-regulation is preferable to externally imposed regulation.”

How to accomplish the above:

“Organization and building grassroots business communities. This is what the MJBA is all about.”

Favorite Quote:

“We are only limited by our imaginations” and “Live it or Live with it”

What do you do to stay motivated or the secret for your motivation:

“Find your passion, and stay authentic. I start every conversation with how can I be of service.”

I encourage people to take time for themselves each and every day. One of the ways to relax is to read a good book.  A Fiction Book. What is your Favorite Book:

“So many, I’m a book guy.  Whenever I get a spare moment I like to open up Leaves of Grass and read a page or two. Whitman is still so very current.”

Golden Nuggets:

  • In his state: In Washington, he started building an entire new industry from scratch, one that is not on the backbone of a medicinal marijuana dispensary industry, as seen in Colorado.  In order to foster a whole new crop of businesses, there had to be infrastructure, networking, tools, ethics, business practices, etc. put in place in order for an industry to self-regulate; self-organize.     He saw the need and he filled it.  “Harvard Review Case Study of building a business”
  • It’s a Green Revolution – a grass roots business revolution, one that’s born from real need.  An Overnight industry that’s been in the making for 40 or 50 years, and very well entrenched. Driven by federal prohibition – state by state, county by county, it is a phenomenon that is best suited for local entrepreneurs.  It is part of a Small Business Revolution – and a great number of women, and people who are 50 plus are involved.  Proceeds will go right back to local towns and cities.
  • Medical marijuana is a patient’s right.  Reintegration of hemp as part of one of our major agricultural products – part of construction, fabric,  food,  fuels  – a miraculous plant – that will generate jobs …  embracing people on both sides of the political arena.
  • Medical, commercial, and industrial hemp will invigorate this economy …
  • Look at the world more inclusively. He provides forum and platforms for discussion:  growers and processors (edibles, drinks and brownies) and retailers – whole ecosystem of participants.  Gathering together all the players and asking: what are the security protocols, how about testing and analytics, what kind of impurities, what kind of packaging, labeling, advertising, marketing, distribution …  rules should we have in place to make sure that there is no leakage and marijuana is only available to adults aged 21 plus?  As an industry, they need to be more compliant … more transparent… held to a higher standard.  Need to avoid bad behaviors of “big tobacco” previously.  He gathers the people, they come to a common accord and then he helps publish the info as Ebooks, web pages and seminars … promote BEST BEHAVIOR.  Intention is to have internal force guide the industry not external forces.
  • Taking best practices that trade organizations have been using for hundreds of years to organize, and applying it to this new industry but they are doing it with a certain higher consciousness. The intention is that it’s not just about creating profits, it’s about helping rebuild America in an ecologically friendly way – an extension of green, natural movement.
  • They encourage discussion and debate on all their websites.  They aggregate all the news.
  • Just like Rock’n Roll Culture – this will become mainstream culture.

Action Steps:

Keep up with trends and stay educated. Check out David’s sites:


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  1. Dave Rheins is a visionary! His information is as relevant today as it was a year ago. Dave has helped to weave together the fabric of the cannabis industry in WA state and beyond. We are all fortunate for his bravery, insight and ability to bring together so many facets of his business know how. Congrats to you Holli for your interest and providing a forum for discussion.

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