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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #39 with Kim Doyal

Meet Kim Doyal


Kim Doyal, “The WordPress Chick”, is an entrepreneur, coach, author, movie producer and speaker. She has built her lifestyle business using the platform of her choice, WordPress, through sheer determination and commitment.

Widowed in 2003 with two small children, she was determined to build a business that allowed her to be at home while doing something she loved.

Whether you’re new to WordPress or consider yourself a more advanced user, Kim’s brand building and online tips will make you more successful with your business. Kim is widely known for being authentic and connecting with her audience in a fun and informative way that will keep you coming back for more. Kim is totally self-taught when it comes to WordPress and has been making her living online for the past 6 years.

Kim works with entrepreneurs to build their online presence, connect with their ideal clients and ‘show up’ in a way that resonates with them. With a successful growing podcast and coaching program she’s able to work directly with entrepreneurs who believe in doing things their ‘own way’ and in a way that resonates with them. Her motto is “WordPress Happiness Made Easy”, and Kim will teach you her best tips on digital publishing, blogging, podcasting,  WordPress and making a living online. It’s not about making a living, it’s about designing your life.

Connect with  Kim:

Title: The WordPress Chick

Business/Company: Marketing Online Media

Contact number(s): 925-567-6861Skype handle: kimdoyal



Facebook Personal Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:



NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:  Showing up as yourself online. The beauty of the web, social media and everything we have at our fingertips is that as people become more comfortable they’re realizing they want to do business with people they like, know & trust. The way to stand out today is to be uniquely yourself.

Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionallyThat’s when things work. Things flow. And you’re ideal client, tribe, customer… come to you (not that you don’t continue marketing to them).  The amazing thing is that when you’re in alignment with this professionally it aligns with everything personally as well.

How to accomplish the above:


Show Up.

Do the work.

Put it out there.

Favorite Quote:   Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.  Henry David Thoreau

What do you do to stay motivated or the secret for your motivation:   Regular communication /interaction with a mentor and mastermind. I’m always  reading multiple books (primarily non-fiction, business, spiritual) but make a  conscious effort to focus on feeling good.

I encourage people to take time for themselves each and every day. One of the ways to relax is to read a good book. A Fiction Book. What is your Favorite Book:

That’s funny… I didn’t see this question when I answered the previous question. I worked in the book industry for about 10 years, so picking a favorite is kind of hard. Right now I’m reading the 3rd book in a trilogy by Deborah Harkness called ‘The Book of Life’. I LOVED ‘The Help’ and ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ too. I go through periods of certain types of books too. I’ve read a lot of Grisham, DeMille, Follet, etc.

Also to relax, I am a complete geek about baths. Although with our drought and a huge water bill last month I’m trying to cut back. I take naps, workout and get a massage as often as possible. {Finally I have found someone who loves taking a bath as much as I do } 

Golden Nuggets:

  • Practicing gratitude and becoming  more spiritual can really help you on the darkest days
  • Having one person who can carry the belief for you on the days that you can’t, can make all the difference in the world
  • “I’m not going to give up on me, to pay for stuff”
  • Kim stays away from negativity in her life
  • “Be willing to be a category of one ~ Be willing to be that person who is uniquely you.” This is the way you will succeed
  • Show up as you are – go with who you are innately – be true to yourself èyou will then be in your zone: you flow better, you give more value
  • Would you take career advice from an 18 year old? Think about this.  We decide on our careers so early in life that it is very natural to Evolve and want to do something else; something new and different.  Don’t keep that inside of you, don’t be afraid to try
  • Something happens when you step into something that feeds your soul.  When you feel in purpose, everything in your life flows
  • Teach your children that they can do and be whatever they want in life
  • Show up and stick to it.  The War of Art is one of Kim’s favs that talks about showing up and sticking with it.
  • Kin loves seeing her clients ideas come to life

Action Steps:

Find out ~ What Lights You Up?

Step into your Authentic Self


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