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June 20, 2013

Women: the World’s Largest Untapped Resource

Written by Holli Rovenger June 20, 2013 in Mind Body Spirit Tribal Woman Magazine

Women need ‘more self confidence’ and we can change the world.

I always believe in taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to my airline terminal instead of taking the train, if time allows. This is how I just happened to walk by a poster that said “women, the world’s largest untapped resource.”

Later that week I read that the Dalai Llama said – “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

This got me thinking about the history of women and how we started out basically as second-class citizens, won our right to vote, and now over the years have started proving our professional worth – our contributions outside the home, outside the traditional realm of wife and mother. History changed as women achieved ‘more self-confidence.’

I am by no means a feminist. I love the strength a man offers; love having a gentleman guide me to my seat in a restaurant; love having the car door opened and closed for me; love being treated like a lady.

This has created quite a conundrum, for lack of a better word, for women like myself. We love being treated as cherished human beings, but then we also have started to truly enjoy the growth and equality of our business worlds. You can still be feminine and become financially literate and self-reliant. You can still be feminine and be an empowered woman. You will start feeling all this as you grow ‘more self-confidence.’


My passion is focused on helping women take the reins on their financial future. To gain the knowledge about finances in general and theirs in particular so they become capable and feel ‘more self-confidence’, in asking questions and making educated decisions regarding their, and their families, savings and investments. The managing of the family’s money can then be jointly overseen and discussed by both partners as equals. This will not only take the burden off the man but this way if something unforeseen happens such as illness, death, divorce, etc. there can be a very smooth transition.

So, what does this have to do with women being the world’s greatest untapped resource, you might be thinking? What does this have to do with women having ‘more self- confidence’?

The world and economy is in turmoil right now (understatement). Women need to tap into their true potentials and help correct all that is wrong with the world right now. We need to create multiple income streams and be knowledgeable about money once we do so.

We are nurturers and givers. If we start creating income for ourselves, everyone will benefit. Women give back and try to make the world a better place. For some it may be that they are in need of creating an income for themselves, for others it is just self- fulfillment. Whichever the reason, the key to fulfilling the feminine path to entrepreneurship is to tap into your individual strengths and resources.


What can we do to leave the world a better place for our children and our children’s children? There are so many ways women can contribute and help the world improve. The first step is building more self-confidence.’


What do you want to be known for?

What are your strengths, your passions, your beliefs – what talents can you offer?

The idea is that with tapping into the strengths, knowledge, skills talents etc, women can create more income for themselves, help create their family’s legacy and at the same time contribute financially to areas in the world that need help – whether it be in helping those who need income due to illness, feeding the homeless, taking care of malnourished children, etc.

If you need help in tapping into your strengths, please Email me. I’ll help you tap into your talent and passions, and help you turn them into profits. I’ll help you help save the world, and gain ‘more self-confidence.’

Always have a positive mindset so you can live healthier and wealthier, and happier with passion,



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