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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #17 with Leta Russell

Meet Leta Russell


A Woman with Passion and Purpose, Leta is committed to empowering women who want to reach their potential through the power of entrepreneurship. She provides educational and practical tools that will help them Define their Passion, Design their Plan, and Deliver more Profits.

She helps shift clients from confusion into clarity in launching and running a business through a creative tool called mind mapping and the power of creating a mission statement and casting a compelling vision.

With over 35 years as an entrepreneur, Leta has started and sold several businesses, marketed multiple products, and built teams generating over $100,000 in monthly sales. After a move to Australia in 2007, Leta began to explore the world of internet and global marketing. As a result, she became a savvy online marketer, international speaker, and business coach with training products of her own.

Connect with Leta:

Title: CEO and owner

Business/Company:  Leta Russell International LLC

Contact number(s):  503-925-3181

Skype handle:  leta.russell



Facebook Personal Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter: http://twitter.comletarussell



NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:

“The first New Rule I’d like to bring to the audience today is the importance of whole brain thinking for planning both personally and professionally. And the tool that I most use to enhance that thinking is mind mapping.

The second New Rule is the importance of focusing on the meaning and mission of your life.

So, in a nut shell, the new rule is “Mind map to discover and enhance your life mission and meaning!”

In education, business, and society in general there has been a lean on the side of left brain directed thinking…the side aligned with the sequential, literal, functional, analytic and textual. This is what brought about the information age and all the technical innovation that has been birthed from that.

But the right brain directed thinking associated with creative, aesthetic, contextual, and metaphorical characteristics is beginning to reshape our lives and businesses. The aptitudes of empathy, artistry, and big picture thinking are inspiring that change.”


Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionally:

“First, the information age has produced such an abundance of products and options, that to get noticed in the marketplace one has to bring not only practical solutions, but also stand out, which means the design, the aesthetics, etc. of what you offer has to have an appeal beyond just function.

Secondly, with all that abundance, especially in developed countries, our lives are searching beyond the satisfaction of having “stuff” and looking for more meaning. People want to make a difference and are looking for companies and communities that align with their values and purpose. And people who are starting businesses desire to do things that they love and are passionate about. It’s no longer just about delivering a product or service, but in having a conversation.

Next, many of the so called “knowledge workers” jobs, typically characterized by left brained thinking, are moving abroad to developing countries. Developed nations like Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA are transferring millions of jobs and the wages that accompany them offshore. This means new aptitudes will emerge that are more right brained or what I refer to as whole brained like building relationships, developing stories, creating and combining new, more complex ideas and products from the big picture economy, and taking on new challenges. There is a shift taking place that will require more flexibility, adaptation, innovation, and empathy in business.

What I’m seeing as I coach and speak is the desire for authenticity and transparency in relationships. Those businesses and entrepreneurs who demonstrate that in their business to business and business to client relationships will be the ones who succeed best in the emerging conceptual age of business.

The benefits are stronger relationships, greater loyalty, common causes that both businesses and clients can get excited about, and a wonderful sense of meaning in both life and business.”


How to accomplish the above:

“I think the first step in this shift is having real clarity about who you are, whether that’s a business or individual entity, and what your gift, purpose and mission is to your audience. One of the things I do with my clients is mind map using a formula or exercise that helps them get really clear on what their gifts are, what areas of expertise they have both natural and developed through education and experience, what their past dreams were, what their present life is manifesting, and then put that into action words that ignite their passion, power, and purpose.

A next critical step is really getting to know who their audience is and what result they want to see happen in their lives. Then, getting to know that audience through relationship building, knowing their personalities, needs and wants, and having an attitude of caring results in providing genuine solutions.”


Favorite Quote:

“Discovery of purpose is discovery of potential” ~ Dr. Myles Munroe


What do you do to stay motivated or the secret for your motivation:

“For me, Holli, it’s a daily review of both my personal and business visions. When I stay connected to my why, what, who I’m impacting and to what end, it inspires me to keep going. I know that I have a message to share with people who can only hear it from me and only I can share. So, if I don’t live in my Divine purpose and mission, then I’m not only robbing myself of my full potential, but I’m shortchanging the person whose life I’m designed to touch and influence in their transformation.

The other part of that is not being attached to the outcomes. I have a purpose and many times I may just be the seed planter in their transformational journey. Often I help mind map people’s mission and vision with them, but taking action and implementing that vision is their responsibility. I can help them move forward through my programs and coaching, especially in the area of launching a business they love, but I can’t do it for them.”

 Golden Nuggets:

  • Balance is something we strive for, but knowing your values and priorities is more important when decisions that create a bit of imbalance, arise. Not beating yourself up when life gets a little out of balance is a key to maintaining joy.
  •  Your brain changes along with society.  It’s important to keep your brain active as you grow older. Mind mapping can help keep your brain in cracker-jack shape.
  • Begin mind mapping by starting with a word as a central idea in the center, and then branch out from there. Using a complete sentence will close off a thought so use only one word ideas.  You can have as many branches as you want and as many words as you want.  Use different colors and brainstorm to bring out creativity, and organize your thoughts. Have fun and begin by being unlimited – then you can fine tune. 
  • You can use mind mapping when brainstorming, to plan vacations, use it in practical ways, fun ways, complete planning, etc.  Use the map for big picture plans as well as detailed plans. 
  • There are no hard rules for mind mapping. You can be very structured and map out an hour by hour plan, or you can be unstructured and map out weekly or monthly plans.  
  • The Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink is a fabulous book
  • Mind mapping is just a tool, The rule – function with your whole brain

Action Steps:

  • Check out Leta’s site
  • Give Mind Mapping a whirl and start functioning with your whole brain


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