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New Rules for Your Life and Your Business Podcast
Episode #20 with Pat Mussieux

Meet Pat Mussieux


Pat won the STEVIE Award for Women in Business for both 2012 and 2013 as Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada; one of the top 100 business experts to follow on Twitter; nominated 3x for RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.


Connect with Pat:

Title:  Founder

Business/Company:  Wealthy Women Leaders

Contact number(s):  519.433.4939

Skype handle:  patmussieux



Facebook Personal Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:




NEW RULE; the Big Idea/ Strategy to help with this new world we live in:

“”If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” – long gone are the days when the Government is going to take care of us, our corporate employer is going to take care of us  and…….even our spouse is going to take care of us. It’s a new day – and we must shift our thinking and take personal responsibility – for our life, for our happiness, for our money.”


Why it’s important; benefits both personally and professionally:

“Because it’s a changing world! There is no longer ‘job security’ as our parents once knew, Governments can no longer guarantee old age security funds, and marriages are breaking up faster than ever (especially for my generation of baby boomers) – to take personal responsibility and know that ‘if it’s to be, it’s up to me’, gives us peace of mind, confidence, clarity and the realization that the ‘security is within’ and not outside of us. We can create the life and the business that we always wanted – there’s no stopping us.”


How to accomplish the above:

“In business – get a business coach! No one can do it alone! No One! Also, take some ‘critical thinking skills/mindset’ training – get the tools and techniques to handle habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that get in our way.”


Favorite Quote:

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”


What do you do to stay motivated or the secret for your motivation:

“My motivation comes from within. My motivation comes from my strong faith. I stay motivated in a number of different ways:

1)    Having clear cut goals and holding myself accountable to them

2)    Working with 2 business coaches to fast-track my success (at this age and stage)

3)    Being part of a high-level mastermind group and having an Accountability Partner – we check in daily to support each other

4)    Surrounding myself by a special ‘group of 5’ – we become the average of the 5 people we hang around with – we earn the average of the 5 people we spend time with

5)    Taking Sundays off – to go to church, to spend with friends, to play, to re-charge, etc.”


Golden Nuggets:

  • You have the ability to succeed, we all do. Decide what you want to do and what you are prepared to do to get what you want.
  • The question you have to ask is do you want to, and are you prepared to do whatever it takes?
  • When looking at your business, you need to determine if it truly is a business or just a hobby.
  • Your competition and your security are within you.
  • Who are you hanging around with?  We become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. We earn the average of the 5 people we spend time with.  Pay attention to “your circle.”
  • You need lots of energy and focus to reach your goals
  • Pat took a job to “fund” her dreams.  If you are not cut out to be an employee, you can use your job as a “bank” or stepping stone.  Her job funded her entrepreneurial journey.
  • You cannot succeed in business alone. Get a coach, get clear on the solution you provide, make a plan and then work it.
  • Learn how to market your expertise.
  • Mindset skills prepare you and enable you to take “life hits.”
  • If you have a brain and your dreams, you can accomplish anything.
  • You can inspire but you can’t motivate. Motivation comes from within.
  • Recharge and take time for you.
  • Life is short. If you think you have time, you are wrong.  We only have the moment. Be sure you are living your best life and doing the work you love. Your gifts have value. Take good care of yourself and those that you love.



Action Steps:

Make something happen today.

Contact Pat if you would like a copy of her book – Who am I Now?


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